Tumblr is getting a little depressing for my tastes…

so everyone cheer the hell up and have a kitten 

pass it on so other people can be happy too :3

everyone needs to watch this. there is soooooo much truth to this. a video full of truthiness

Day 8 Studio Ghibli challenge

favorite director? MIYAZAKI!!! 

Day 5 Studio Ghibli challenge

favorite male main character and why? gotta be pazu or howl they’re so cute and funny and the way they always protect sheeta and sophie is just awesome <3

Day 4 Studio Ghibli challenge

favorite female character and why? omg this is so hard. im stuck between kiki and nausicaa. they are both really likable characters and have great strength of spirit

Day 3 Studio Ghibli challenge

least favorite and why? Ponyo

because i felt it was just a cheap copy of the little mermaid

Day 2 Studio Ghibli challenge

Favorite movie and why? Princess Mononoke

it just has such an amazing plot and the way the events unfolded kept me interested throughout